Yesterday we decided to raise the lights for our T5 experiment.  The dwarf cherry tomato plants we’ve been growing were growing past the reflector and in some cases directly into the bulb.  They can get very close before burning, but direct contact is a bit much.  So we decided to hang the lights directly from the ceiling and use the frame that was supporting the lights to stake the plants instead.

Here’s Brian securing a hook to the ceiling:

That board by his chest is where the lights used to hang.  You can see how hard they were pushing against the lights.

Here are the lights we’re using:

2x 23 Watt T5 lights.  Grand total of 46 Watts of lighting.  Old batwing reflector, backed with styrafoam insulation wrapped in tin foil.  A little dab of vodka on a dishrag cleans off pollen and dust beautifully. 🙂

Brian with the finished project.  Lights raised, plants clipped to a new set of supports.  We added more nutrient solution later that night.  In a day or two I expect they’ll perk right back up.  It’s always traumatic for them when we get it into our heads to mess with the lighting.  If we were super-serious about doing this properly we’d be careful to only adust the lighting during the plants “night” time, but we’re kind of winging this one.