Noticed some yarrow growing in my yard, seemed a shame not to harvest some.

Yarrow’s one of those plants it’s just good to keep on hand.

According to The Boreal Herbal , as well as my own experiences, yarrow can staunch the bloodflow from a small cut or scrape almost instantly, and legend tells of its lifesaving qualities for soldiers wounded in battle.  Ask Achilles.  Just wet it down a bit and press it against the wound.  It’ll probably sting but you’ll stop losing blood and it helps prevent infection.

A tea brewed from it can stave off a cold if you feel one coming on and help break a fever.  A tincture made from it is reputed to repell mosquitos, which I intend to test for myself.

Going harvesting with a friend on Monday so will be bringing home more, but this is just what I got from a quick walk around my yard!  Remember to always leave some or you won’t find any next year.

All you really have to do is tie them into bundles and hang them to dry.  Then when they’re done crumble the flowers & leaves into a glass jar and compost the stems.  Super easy!

Tie into bundles:

Hang to dry:

Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a Band-Aid.