This morning on my way home from work I was planning to get home, change clothes and go out in search of fireweed.


I know there’s a big stand down the street I just haven’t gone to get it. Instead I was met at the door by my husband who said (quietly), “We need to go to the hospital.”

Well ok then.

Nasty nasty sore throat. Suspect strep. Poor guy can hardly talk. Head down to emerg (blessedly empty at 7am) and get in to see a doctor. Throat swab off to the lab, we’ll get back to you. Instructions to gargle. Grocery store for OTC antibiotic lozenges & soft/soothing foods. Home.

I also brewed him a strong tea of yarrow, poplar buds & fireweed, all straight out of the yard. Between the lot of it he’s feeling much better.

Head out to walk the dog. Find this:



Thank you!!