Despite the strep throat, I’m still on days off and not entirely immobilized.  I decided to tackle the hands-on project for Lesson Two yesterday.  Disassemble, rekey so it doesn’t work, rekey so it does work, put back together.


Surprisingly straightforward.  The only bit I had trouble with was prying some of the wafers out of the plug because I wasn’t sure how hard I could pull without breaking anything.  Some of them were quite stubborn, but I got them all out eventually.  The pliers on my Leatherman worked best.

There’s all the wafers and springs.  It doesn’t actually matter if you mix them up since the next part of the lesson tells you to mix them up on purpose and then figure out the proper sequence again.


Halfway through re-keying it.  You can see two of the wafers and three empty slots.  The spring goes in the wide end of the slot and then you press the wafer down on top of it til it catches.

Again, slow and picky but not that hard when you get down to it.  I have a much better understanding of locks than even three weeks ago.

Lots of typos and the page-number references don’t always line up, but the actual locksmithing training seems pretty solid so far.

Finished lessons two and three.  Now waiting on the next shipment and reading ahead.