Blech.  My turn for the strep throat now.  Yucky and ouch.  They describe it as razorblades in your throat and I can see why.  It hurts in long strings lengthwise down the windpipe.  The lab called Brian back yesterday, by which point he’d mostly recovered already.  They did confirm our diagnosis.

The throat lozenges and my herbal brew have very similar effects.  Both coat the throat and relieve the pain.  To be honest we’ve both been alternating between the two.  They’re also killing the bacteria and taking it to the stomach, which digests it as usual.  Stomachache.  And then you sit on the throne for a while.  Not fun.  Sleep.  Next day feel better.





Herbal tea recipe for releif of strep throat:

1 part each:

yarrow, fireweed, poplar buds (I’ve added twinflower before too, which is nice but I don’t have it on hand)

I have a little metal tea-ball they sell for loose teas.  I just sort of eyeball amounts and stuff one side of it with loose ripped-up plant matter, then add boiling water and let it brew for 20 minutes.  I like to add honey halfway thru as well.