I am impatient for the next batch of locksmithing lessons to get here. I have the horrid sensation that I am wasting valuable time.

What else to do? The internet is so reactive now and I am frozen, unsure of what to search. Not to mention the physical toll. If it weren’t for yoga I suspect I might be paralyzed by now. I love computers abilities and the web, but it’s all compounding our societal health problems.

I’m afraid even the locksmith course might be a waste of time, but surely no more so than regular college these days. At least I’m learning something practical. How can you tell if you’re going in the right direction?

My real underlying focus remains food. It’s a pervaisive societal problem that I can actually see solutions to, but I can’t work on it effectively without money. Survival takes up unreasonable amounts of my paycheque right now. We’re downsizing and trying to come up with better ways to earn a living.