Again with the limits. Sick & bored I began playing Skyrim again. So much fun but also so dangerously addictive! It’s hell on my wrists, back, neck & shoulders if I play too much.

No more than one hour per day. If I overdo it I know I’ll quit playing altogether eventually but I’d rather avoid that pain and the damage I know it does over time, plus the game is just plain fun. So. No more than one hour per day. I hope my next batch of course material gets here tomorrow. That would help.

My apologies to anyone who was expecting a heavy-duty hydroponics blog. I haven’t got the set-up space/money for that. We’re working on that long-term but in the meantime I’m afraid it’s only our little rubbermaid 46 watt system and whatever else I come up with to fill the inbetween time.