I really like the 30-day challenges, but mine will vary from 28-31 days now as I’m starting each on the first of the month.  Easier to keep track of that way.

Anyhow, challenges for this month are the same as the last time round, since I like how they’re going but got thrown off by being sick for a week.

Each day I will spend 20 minutes doing each of the following:

1) Yoga.  Switching between asana practice & meditation/pranayama practice every other day.  Loving this so far!!  My body is starting to crave it and reminds me if I skip a day, and my back pain is much reduced.  Gotta keep this going!  10 years from now I’d like to be teaching.  Who knows if that’s realistic, but each day is a step on the journey.

2) Writing.  Blog, personal journal, letters, story, whatever, doesn’t really matter.  Just want to stay in practice of taking words out of the ether to form something concrete.

3) Housework.  Dishes, laundry, bathroom, etc.  I hate it a lot less when I don’t let it all pile up.  20 minutes a day means I never have to spend an entire day doing a blitzclean.  Satisfying occasionally, but mostly discouraging.

Keeping up with these three regular practices helps my mental state so much that it boggles my mind!  It’s amazing how a clean house, functional body and less-cluttered mind helps keep the depressive tendencies under control.  Makes it feel like I’m accomplishing something even on the really blah crappy days.

Have you ever tried a 30-day challenge?  What did you pick, and how did it go?