The financing went through!!  I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified.  I have this wonderful light floaty feeling at work tonight knowing the finite number of shifts that remain.  My mind is in overdrive thinking of all the things I need to get done and organized.  Another part of my mind is running in circles babbling that this is a horrible idea that’s all going to go terribly wrong, but I don’t really believe that.

I’m really -really- looking forward to having personal finances in the black again.  This time I will fight tooth and nail to stay out of debt.  I’d rather live in a shack than have a mortgage chaining me to a job I hate.

At the very least it shall all be a grand adventure which will provide plenty of fodder for blog posts over the next few weeks.  Won’t have much to do with hydroponics I’m afraid, but oh well.  That topic’s going to be an ongoing unifying thread over the life-time of this blog, but hardly its primary focus all of the time.  Hopefully it will at least be interesting.