Time for a nutrient change. I’d had my herbs on a very dilute nutrient solution during germination. It’s time now to upgrade the mix to “rooted seedling.”

The basil especially was starting to look a little peaked.

The colour is off – far too yellowish. So I mixed up a new brew.


Nutrient chart on the side of the box:

I followed the amounts for week one. I don’ tt usually change it out every week. Usually at least two, sometimes a month. Mostly I just keep an eye on the plants and swap it out when it seems necessary.

I find it’s easiest to keep an extra rubbermaid, mix up the nutes and then swap it out, rather than siphoning out the old solution and pouring in the new. The old rubbermaid reservoir usually needs a cleaning anyway.

So far I’m liking the organic nutrients, but theyy do tend to scum up the reservoir after a while. They’d gum up spray heads something awful if your system has such.

End result was quite a rich dark brown, much like dirt.