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Hey, what are YOU looking at?



They’re getting noticably bigger day to day.

No more casualties in the last few days. Daring to hope we might be through that mess.


Three weeks old today!


They do seem to enjoy the little dust bath I made them. Opinions varied on if they’d use it so young so I thought I might as well give them the opportunity. Turns out they use it a lot!


Face off!

It’s really hard to get a picture of their little scuffles. They’re sudden, and short.

As of 6am everybody alive, but one clearly ailing. I feel like the body collector from Monty Python.

“I’m not dead yet!”
“Ya will be in a minute!”


Somewhere between 6:30 and 10am he expired.

I always figured molting would be itchy.


The new feeders are working well. I was concerned they might be too tall, but the chicks seem to be managing fine.


They’re working out the pecking order now. Lots of flapping, circling and chest-bumping, specially first thing in the morning. Nobody getting hurt though, which I was originally worried about. Apparently this is quite normal.

Even more sure it’s a vitamin deficiency, most likely Vitamin A (the symptoms are right). Followed package directions (two continuous days per week) and the next day, yesterday, one looked sick & drowsy. Put them back on the electrolyte/vitamin mix in the water, but it was too late. Lost him/her in the night, and there’s another that looks like it’s going to go within the next day.

Now I’ve doubled the regular vitamin amount and am going to continue with it for the next two weeks. At this rate I’m wondering if I’ll have any left to take to the slaughterhouse.

Looking around online I understand it’s very common to have a steep learning curve and high mortality with Cornish the first time you raise them. It’s just depressing.

New feeder set-up:

More space, higher elevation and much more difficult to tip over.

Everybody still with us. 🙂

Working on making bigger feeders as they’re starting to be quite crowded. Going to convert some old eavestroughing, I think.

Also halfway thru constrution on the hoop-house they’ll occupy after they outgrow the brooder pen. Should be done in the next couple of days, which is good cause these guys grow unbelievably fast.