Ugh, three more dead this morning.

What am I doing wrong???!!!!

It’s like they just wind down and give up. They become lethargic and wobbly on their feet and then croak over the course of 24 hours. I don’t see blood in the stool, so I don’t think it’s cocci, and their vents are clear. Some kind of bacterial infection, maybe?

This is not a good first experience.
Broilers never again.
I’ve lowered the light to give them a bit more heat. They seem to be appreciating. Our thermometer got broken early on, just replaced it today and found that the brooder was cooler than it ought to be.

Have also started adding an electrolyte/vitamin mix to the water. The feed we are using was supposed to be complete with all the necessary vitamins but at this point I’m not at all sure I believe it.