When I went to turn on the lights this morning at 5:30, I discovered that the space heater I was using to heat the isolation unit had died.  The fan part was still working, but no heat, so the poor little bird was huddled as far back as it could get, fluffed up and obviously unhappy.  I had to put it back under the heat lamp in the main pen as I had no other way of heating the isolation cage.  Sadly it expired a few hours later.

I really really really hope that was the last case of chills + malnutrition.  None of the others are showing any symptoms.  They’re all very active.  This has been a brutal learning curve.


Brian’s been away for a few days. He was amazed at how much they’ve grown since he left.


They’re also very scruffy, and likely to get worse before getting better on that count. They’re in the process of losing down and growing feathers, and it’s much like a kid hitting a growth spurt – awkward.