Our Blue Orpingtons are now 13 weeks old.


Around 11 weeks the roosters started learning to crow. They’re still not very good at it. It sounds like teenage boys with their cracking voices!

We killed one to see what we’d get and how it tastes compared to the Cornish.  It’s currently chilling in the fridge overnight. Skinny breasts but giant thighs.


We’ll likely gradually cull and eat the roosters… we don’t particularly want them breeding with their sisters!!

We did also acquire three full grown laying hens today. Super excited to go egg hunting! image

The one in the middle is kinda bald from over-breeding, but it should grow back soon and she’ll be alright now  They integrated pretty seamlessly with our flock – some minor scuffles but no serious fighting.

We put in nest “boxes” (buckets) yesterday… our main flock isn’t quite old enough to lay but should be starting soon.