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Happened to be in Calgary for a few days this week. Being gloriously myself for a morning, I made a b-line for the Aerospace Museum.









Furniture.  Spoken for but not yet physically removed.  Sincerely hope they show up to get it tomorrow as otherwise could become problematic.

Hydro gear. Halfway removed, recipient coming back for second load tomorrow.

Pick up invoice from fuel company, deliver to lawyer.

Finish packing kitchen.  Likely going with the furniture.

One last small trip to storage.  Drop off keys @ Mom’s.

Pack car.

Purchase roadside assistance insurance. (thus ensuring uneventful trip)

Finish last bits of cleaning.

Purchase sunglasses & groceries.

Wait for cheque.  Deposit.  Pay off credit card.

Start driving.

Before September 7th:

Hydro gear – donating most to employment centre greenhouse

Furniture – room-mates want. Gone.

Books -> well-read. Not that I need more credit there but books should circulate. Still sorting, ruthlessly. Criteria: how often read / consulted, how hard to find a copy, quality of edition.

New driver’s license. Old one is literally a relic and will be dismissed as a cheap fake anywhere but the Yukon.

Bell. Buying out of contracts. Way too expensive. Buy pre-paid cell for emergencies & convenience but cutting this down severely.

Carpet shampoo. Puppy, nuff said.

BlitzClean. Whole place needs to be absolutely as clean as possible. Break out the elbow grease.

Return laundered uniforms to now former workplace.

Lunch or dinner with Mom

Lawyers for paperwork.

Final walk-thru.

Roadside assistance insurance for trip. Spare tire, etc.

Prep camping gear.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure more will come to me.