Got another offer on the house. Conditions have to be removed (mostly re: financing) by August 15th. Fourth time’s the charm?

Incidentally the Venus/Uranus/Pluto t-square is exact that day. She will conjunct my natal Moon/Mercury conjuntion while tPluto conjuncts Neptune on the other side of the opposition. Make of that what you will.

Did I mention I periodically think in astrological archetypes? Result of hanging out on the Elsaboards for years.

Makes communication of thoughts challenging cause most people don’t take astrology seriously enough to bother learning its language. (understatement)

Usually I just keep that sort of thing to myself. But since I’m essentially talking to holograms anyways, I might as well speak freely.

Maybe this will somehow compromise Gnomeland some day in the future. Or myself. Employers, etc. OTOH maybe staying true to ourselves is what will one day make us great.

I’m working up to telling “real life” acquaintences about this blog. I’m cracking open my shell and peeking out. I wonder who will remain.

Now I’m rambling. Anything to keep my mind off of real estate.