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I hope I don’t ever sound pontificating like I’m some kind of know-it-all-thinks-she’s-an-expert.  I’m still a raw beginner in so many ways.  There’s so much I haven’t grown yet, so much I don’t know, so much to learn.

Everything on this blog is very much learning as we go.


I’m attempting to build my capacity for self-discipline, since I find it generally lacking.  Taking the idea from here  , last month I did a 30 day challenge of practicing yoga every single day for at least ten minutes, with no upper time-limit if I felt inclined to continue.  The 10 minute thing is an easy out if I’m just not feeling it.  I think I missed 2, meaning I successfully practiced 28 out of 30 days, an immense improvement for me!  This month I decided to up the ante a bit and go for 20 minutes each day.

Now a week in I’ve hit a snag.  My one foot with the bolts in it is telling me in no uncertain terms it does not approve of this.  Between the yoga and walking the dog every day (not negotiable), I’m in low level pain all the time and it’s getting worse.  Clearly my body is trying to communicate something important.  Rather than ignore it and soldier on, I’m going to adjust my challenge a bit.

I’m sticking with 20 minutes each day, but I’ve decided to alternate days between asana practice and meditation/pranayama on the in-between days.  Give my body a chance to rest, but still work on establishing a daily practice.

Also, I’m adjusting my start date for these challenges to the first day of each month.  Makes it so much easier to keep track of what day I’m on!

Hips so sore today.

Too much half lotus.

Too many forward bends.

Glorious change,

at the time.

Progress!  Liberation!

S t r e t c h . . .

Painful transformation.

Hours later

phoenix flops

exhausted and limp,

as the fire cools

and life sets in.