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There had been some uncertainty as to whether or not we were actually going to stay here.  This translated into a complete lack of updates.  Now it looks like we’re likely here for the long run.  Just as well, I think.

From that last batch of 10 Buff Orpingtons… 4 got eaten by a hawk (tho I later got the hawk, so I’m not too torn up about it).  Of the remaining six, four were roosters who went in the freezer, and two were hens that integrated seamlessly with our blacks.  We now have a total of eight Orpington laying hens and more eggs than we know what to do with.

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We’ve ordered 30 meat birds of a breed that the local hatchery is offering for the first time called Western Rustic.  They’re supposed to be much more hardy and slower growing than the Cornish… I certainly hope so!  I never want to raise Cornish again.  Too much death for no reason I could pinpoint.  They’ll be ready for pick-up March 23rd, so stay tuned for chicken updates!



Our new buffs are big enough now we transferred them to their permanent residence today. Soon we’ll be letting them out to free range. They grow up so fast!