Lesson One – Job opportunities for locksmiths, types of locks & keys.  Done.  100% on the test. 🙂

I’m fully confident of my ability to do the bookwork.  Reading comprehension, are you kidding me?  Reading is what I DO.  It’s the hands-on mechanical part I have my doubts about.

Certainly not confident.  I do know though, that I tend to sell myself short in this area.  I know that when Brian shows me how to build or fix something, I catch on quickly and work with precision. I know I have good hand/eye co-ordination and the ability to solve space & logic puzzles.  (ie: Queen of Tetris).

I don’t know how to use most tools beyond a screwdriver and hammer.  I am definitely going to have to learn this.

I went straight-academic university-stream in high school and was raised by a hard-working single mom.  Nobody ever showed me how to use power tools.  I am going to have to learn.

Even if I don’t ever work as a locksmith, there’s a personal-challenge element to this.  It’s so foreign to anything I’ve tackled before.

The coursework is very dry so far.  In some ways blatently easy, in others highly challenging.  I’m learning to picture moving mechanical parts in my head, which I have not had cause to do before.  Classifications, lists, facts, very left-brain, but then the mental-image element which I find helps make it more interesting (and harder!).  All facts though.

I feel like I should read an hour of poetry every day to compensate.

1 out of 18 lessons done.  Of course I expect they made the first one short & sweet on purpose.  Nonetheless, only 17 to go.  It’s not that big of a number.