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This is the size difference between eggs produced by our year old hens and our five month old hens.  The shade of brown seems to vary by bird.  All of them are tasty!image


This is Baldie. She’d been overbred before we got her. Now she’s starting to grow back her feathers again, and enjoying a nice dust bath. Despite her scraggly appearance, she’s a fantastic layer.
The ladies we raised from babies are finally starting to lay. Itty bitty pullet eggs, but they eat fine!
We discovered our dog doesn’t bother them at all, so now we just let the flock roam during the day. They stick pretty close to the house, and are quite sociable if you’re outside. We did poorly on the genetic lottery… only got 4 girls out of 16. The roosters were tasty but we were hoping for more hens.

Found another batch of 10 Orpington chicks that we’re picking up tomorrow. Buffs this time. Looking forward to raising them again!

We did another batch of meat birds inbetween, and they’re just miserable compared to the Orpingtons. Nice to have a full freezer, but will be happy when they’re done. Still have about 30 to butcher this week.